Not sure if you need one on one coaching or enjoy getting your hands dirty managing your own training and nutrition strategies? Phone/video consultations are a great way to cover a lot of material, have a Q & A, discuss training theory, talk shop, and answer any questions you may have about setting up and managing your own strategies. The goal of any consult is to allow the athlete to opportunity steer the direction of the consult and to address their topics in as much detail as required. Upon scheduling your call, a consult questionnaire is filled out to ensure we make the most use of our time chatting together.



Consultations are typically scheduled at least 7 days prior.
Prior to the consult, athletes fill out questionnaire listing any of the topics they would like to discuss and as well as any applicable background information providing additional context.
No, training programming is only directly provided with one-on-one coaching and the full training cycles. That said, consultations are a great way to learn more about programming design and become better equipped at designing and managing your own strategy.