The full training cycle coaching option is great for individuals who would like to receive programming catered to their specific goals and needs but require a less hands on approach to coaching. For those who find themselves rarely needing to audible their training midway through a training cycle (or feel very comfortable in their own ability to do so), then this can be a very effective and economical coaching option. Programming is available in durations ranging from 8-16 weeks and customized based off of initial correspondence, video assessments, and questionnaire.



While week to week programming adjustments are only included with one-on-one coaching, athletes are free to ask any questions regarding their existing program.
The BIGGEST obvious difference is the greater level of ongoing communication/adjustments with one-on-one coaching vs the full training cycles. The full training cycle, while cheaper, does not provide the option for ongoing adjustments to the strategy. This may not be an issue, especially if you rarely find you need to adjust a strategy once it's in place. In fact, for those with little to no prior injury history, fairly stable schedules, and minimally impacting life stressors, then this can be a fantastic option.
Programming is tailored to each individual based off of an initial phone call/video chat, technical video assessment, and comprehensive questionnaire examining each athlete's current training and training history.