One on one coaching is the most comprehensive coaching option available. Since beginning coaching, I have worked with hundreds of athletes and specialize in helping individuals increase muscle mass, strength, and improve body composition. Underneath that broad umbrella, I have worked with elite level powerlifters, pro level physique athletes, and everything in between. I offer both offseason/meet prep training and nutrition coaching in isolation or they may be combined for greater value, as well as full contest prep services for physique focused athletes. In order to provide the highest quality service and attention possible, space is limited. Please contact me with any additional questions.



I believe my role as a coach extends well beyond simply providing a program to follow. Outside of building a healthy coach-athlete relationship, I believe an important part of my job is to help establish a baseline educational understanding to the strategies in place. I feel this, combined with open dialogue, goes a long way in a producing lasting progress.
Athlete's goals, experience level, training history (both short and long term), technical proficiency, schedule, preferences, and lifestyle all play a role in any custom strategy.
Training is the stimulus for adaptation. The management of that stimulus should be predicated upon the landscape of each individual's goals and lifestyle. In saying that, optimal programming needs to be dynamic in nature, allowing for efficient progress AND sustainability. I integrate a number periodization and programming models/methodologies as appropriate. As an example, long term programming strategies may include aspects of linear, block, and non linear periodization, all while taking advantage of auto-regulatory tools and methods. An appropriately integrated approach supplies us the tools we need to not only meet the objectives within each phase of training, but accommodate the dynamic nature of each time frame.
Nutrition coaching should extend well beyond “macro coaching”. The detail and parameters of each strategy should reflect what is required to reach the specific goal at hand. A flexible dieting approach is taken which sequentially emphasizes proper energy balance, appropriate protein intake, carbohydrate and fat balance, and nutrient timing. My aim is to educate and empower each athlete so they are equipped with more than just macro targets and a food scale. Nutritional recommendations are built upon empirical evidence, individual lifestyle, compliance, and behavioral tendencies. Supplement recommendations are included within the nutrition component of programming.
Cardio should be treated as a strategic tool, and dosed appropriately. A properly designed cardiovascular training program balances the athlete’s goals, training program, diet, recovery, and schedule to allow for sustainable progress.


Depending on service, training and/or nutrition strategies are provided via True Coach (3rd party app), Excel, Google Sheets, and PDFs. Shared documents will be accessible through a shared Google Drive or Dropbox folder which avoids the need to for coach and athlete to email documents back and forth.
Programming is typically released in increments of 1-4 weeks. Even when multiple training weeks are released to the athlete, the programming may be further adjusted on a week to week basis based on emerging information. The ability for ongoing adjustments is one of the biggest benefits of the one-on-one coaching model.
Formal check ins will occur either weekly or bi-weekly, depending on the service chosen. In either case, athletes will submit a formal check-in form that provides both objective and subjective information from which any necessary adjustments can be made for the following week. Athletes are encouraged to expand and provide additional context/information they feel may be beneficial for me to know. Once reviewed, I will reply to each athlete within 24 hours via email elaborating on any changes that need to be made.
No, not at all. You are welcome to contact me throughout the week as questions or potential issues arise.